January 31st marked the 51st Anniversary of Ham's Historical Mission

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May the Space Chimps and their place in our nation's space History never be forgotten.

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The Sled Test: A Short Scene From the Film

A Reflection on the Passing of Our Friend Carole Noon

On Saturday May 2nd Dr. Carole Noon, founder of Save the Chimps, passed away. Dr. Noon is featured prominently in One Small Step as a full telling of the story of the space chimps would be impossible without discussing her incredible efforts. Carole became a friend that I've held in the highest regard and will be sorely missed.

When I first began this film I knew that having her involvement was essential so as a young upstart I called her. She'd already turned down a number of filmmakers but for some reason she saw fit to take a chance on a young guy making his first film. That leap of faith and her tireless dedication to the welfare of chimpanzees has served as the inspiration to my career in documentary film. The bond that came with this remarkable woman giving her full trust to me is the basis of my career and always will be.

I recall clearly sending her the finished film for the first time. Those that knew Carole well know she always gave her direct and honest opinion. I opened her email to me with a shaky hand and what came through nearly brought me to tears. The highest praise coming from Carole was the only compliment I ever needed. I printed that letter and have kept it near me ever since. Whenever I've doubted myself and needed a reminder of why I push through the hard times in this business I pull out that letter and re-read it. I've never shared it with anyone other than my partner Kristin Davy.

Please consider honoring Dr. Noon by showing your support for the beautiful sanctuary she dreamed and built at Save The Chimps.

With Love and Admiration,
David Cassidy


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